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Are you dealing with Slow/Freezing Computer? Worried about Virus & Spyware Removal? Does your system need to be cleaned up? Are you having trouble playing games on websites like pogo? Popup blockers giving you a problem? Do you need tutoring on the software you are using? Do you need windows Re-Install but don't know how to go about it? Has you computer or laptop crashed & you can not get back onto your desktop? Has your hard drive failed & you need a new one installed? Are you worried about those family pictures you didn't save to disk? Are you wanting to switch to linux a free operating system because Microsoft will be discontinuing windows xp support soon & expect you to buy a new Operating system like Windows 8.1?

If so I may be able to help you. I do Computer Maintenance, Data Recovery, Backup and Restoration, Virus, Spyware, Malware removal, Problem solve computer issues, Selected software tutoring, Re-Installation of windows but you must posses a valid license key. Any software they provided with you pc or laptop would be helpful but not necessary as long as you have your windows licence key. If you don't have the licence key I may be able to retrieve it from the system however this takes more time & it is easier if you already have it. It is usually located on the front of your pc or under the battery of your laptop. Hard drive replacement. Installation of free OS like linux. You are responsible for providing the hardware such as hard drive if it need to be replaced. You can usually buy a brand new 250 gig laptop hard drive @ Futureshop for about $70 plus taxes.

My hourly rate for basic maintenance is $30 per hour for the first hour & $20 per hour after the first hour. The reason for the difference in the first hour is travel expenses. If you bring the pc or laptop to me it will be $20 per hour.

I can help you find all the best open source software & antivirus for your needs. Open source means it is free software. I can help educate you on how to look after & keep you computer running smooth.

If it is the data recovery of family photos & such that you need, if you bring the pc or laptop to me & the files are not recoverable there is no charge but If I have to go to you then I will have to charge $20 for my gas. If files are recoverable I will charge $100 plus $10 per DVD that I have to burn the files or pictures on. If you have a large enough flash drive that the files can be put onto then there will be no charge for disk. Don't worry about things you downloaded they can be re-downloaded but family pictures can not be replaced.

Check my Computer Guru blog for any tips & help.

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